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28 May 2007 @ 12:08 pm

My selling journal: aloha_sales 

I'm clearing my stuff out and there are many things I don't use anymore and therefore want to sell here.

Bidding is open until May 31th only!

Here's a list of all the things:
* black skull blouse with laces
* jeans skirt with white laces
* black shirt with angelwings on the back
* black/white tubetop
* purple shirt
* cute black/white polkadot shirt with laces
* grey dress/shirt with pearls and laces

* marine style shoes
* grey shoes with ribbon
* pink summer shoes

* angel wings earrings
* roses with pearls earrings
* pink stars earrings
*silver hearts earrings
* cute bracelet
* leoprint bracelet with ribbon
* colorful flowers bracelet
* hibiscus flowers bracelet
* dark necklace with charms
* golden necklace with charms
* heart-key charm
* black/white poladot suspenders
* white cap with cherries

* NANA badges
* Hello Kitty CD case
* Hello Kitty photoalbum