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28 May 2007 @ 07:03 pm
J-rock live house goods!  
This is a set of various goods straight from Osaka's live houses. Being sold as a set. $5 for everything!

CD single "Greed" by Berlin. This is a special "live present"! Comes in nice DVD-style case. Perfect condition.

Celia'Xeno (with questionnaire), AILE, May, Suicide Ali, XYXX, hysteric, Himeyuri, Whiteblack, Villain, Awoi, Vier la drain, Silver, and more

Also includes the HOLIDAY live house May monthly schedule with Phantasmagoria's Kisaki on the front. Full color pictures of a ton of bands and also a "Message for Kisaki" section featuring messages from Undercode band members.

Six tickets from Osaka Holiday, Nishikujo Brand New, and Neyagawa Vintage. Featuring various bands.

Trading cards: 2 trading cards featuring members of Vier la drain, Sakura and Ran

Mini-polaroid of some guy in a band I cant remember...but he's cute! And comes in a little Hello Kitty zip bag!

ジゴロ(456) March 2006 Newsletter "Jigoretto"

2 brand new pin badges: Hysteric and Hallow

Osaka Holiday drink ticket!

Important Information:

Items will be shipped from Osaka, Japan to anywhere in the world for a flat rate of $5. This is for basic airmail - which, in my experience, is rather speedy and safe. If you prefer a different shipping method or want insurance, I am willing to accomodate (but the shipping rate will also go up, accordingly). I accept cash or money orders (US or international) which can be sent to my home in the US or to Japan. I also accept Paypal, though if you pay with a credit card I CANT accept it because I dont want to pay for a Premier account!
Christy: 【薔薇】kokii on May 29th, 2007 12:10 am (UTC)
That's okay, just wanted to get them for a friend^^;

&Btw will you be going to any other bands' live and get the goods by any chance?
midori_kunochimidori_kunochi on May 29th, 2007 10:04 am (UTC)
I dont go to as many lives as I used to, but I still go a couple times a month (for my fiance's band, but you didnt hear me say that...). It all depends on who is playing at the same time. Fliers are easy for me to get, but other things just depend on luck. Is there something in particular you are looking for?
Christy: 【異色】kokii on May 29th, 2007 01:52 pm (UTC)
I mainly look for lolita23q goods..But if you're not going that's perfectly fine^^

I'm sorry to bother you(._.)