Sinister Butterfly (megaminokonton) wrote in garagesalejapan,
Sinister Butterfly

Hurray for Stuffies

Time to clean out my collection and hopefully get some cash for the things I don't want. Up for grabs are the following items:

English Manga ($4 each)
Confidential Confessions vol 1 & 4
Saber Marionette J vol 2, vol 1 on *HOLD*
Chobits vol 3 - 6, 7
Dragon Voice vol 1, 2
Sorceror Hunters vol 1 & 2 ($5 each - large size)

Japanese Manga
City Hunter vol 8 $1
Dear Boys vol 21 $1
Revolutionary Girl Utena vol 1 - 5 *whole series* - $20 for the set

Revolutionary Girl Utena Movie DVD $8
Sorceror Hunters Eps. 4-6 VHS (english dub) $2
Vampire Princess Miyu OVAs (2 VHS) $3 each tape

Posters All $1 each
Various Newtype USA posters, see photos here and here
Comic Party Poster
Angel Sanctuary, Setsuna holding the black sword *HOLD*
Witch Hunter Robin, Robin & Amon on a Vespa (without the writing shown in the picture)

Other Stuff

Final Fantasy X Wallscroll, Tidus & Yuna (photo) $5 *HOLD*

Kagome (from Inuyasha) plushie, Japanese version, $10 *HOLD*

Final Fantasy 7 doujinshi, normal, $1 (cover) *HOLD*

Final Fantasy X doujinshi, hentai, $2

Sailor Moon comic book, #22 $1 (from back in the days of Chix Comix and Pocket Mixx)

Tenchi Muyo buttons, $2 for all (photo)

I accept Paypal, checks, well concealed cash, goats, first born children...Shipping varies based upon items involved. For manga it's $1 per book, and roughly the same for DVDs. For quotes on other items just ask. I'm also happy to provide pictures of any items where photos aren't already listed.

Here are items I'm willing to trade for:
DNAngel vol 1 -5 (english)
Mars vol 9 - 12 (enlgish)
X vol 8, 9, 11+ (english)
Tsubasa: Reservoir Chronicle (in Japanese)
Hello Kitty goodies :)
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