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29 May 2007 @ 09:52 am
Hyde, Genki I, Pierrot Doujinshi and Wa-loli outfit  
I have added a new  item to my list. I will be selling a Wa-loli outfit in addition to these items.

Priority goes to those who can pay immediately. Shipping will be calculated accordingly. I'd prefer shipping within the US only. I accept most forms of Paypal (cc must pay 4% fee and no e-checks please), bank transfer, and money orders. NO HOLDS.

(sorry for the crappy cell-cam pics)



HUGE Double sided Hyde poster- $25
It took me a long time to track this down but now since I've lost interest in Hyde, my loss is your gain! I paid a lot of money for this sucker from Mikado's CDs (it was on their store front window at some point). Not sure what the dimensions are of this poster but it's probably over 2 feet length and width. There are minor thumbtack punctures in the corners, and it never left the plastic casing that you see in the picture. There are folds, possibly from it being in a magazine but I got it that way. $25 includes the price of the item + the poster tube but NOT SHIPPING. That will be calculated last.

Genki I Textbook- $35
My old Japanese 101 textbook. This has served me well, but since I'm moving on to Japanese 103 this year, I figured I'll let it go. Minor wear on the jacket but there isn't any writing in the pages. $35 includes price of the item + packaging material but NOT SHIPPING. That will be calculated last.

Pierrot Doujinshi: "Soundscape III"- $15
Doujinshi featuring J-rock band Pierrot. $15 includes price of item+ packaging AND shipping.

Bodyline "Fairy" Yukata- $100 or best offer
I really love this Wa-loli outfit but sadly, I have to part with it. It was my first lolita outfit. I don't think I fit the wa-loli style like I first thought, so I have to put this up for sale. Has been worn several times but been washed and pressed. It has two pieces: the skirt and the yukata-top. It's purple and white, and the skirt has a bustle that you can wear in the front or the back. A detachable bow is included and can be worn as a headpiece or on the yukata front itself. Instead of an obi, the front has button snaps to close it and the back ties with a ribbon lacing (there are also really cute bells attached to the back too!)

Approximated Measurements:
Bust: 35" MAX
Waist: 28" MAX
Sleeves length: 22"
Skirt length: 20"

(I can provide more accurate measurements on request).

I'd like $100 or best offer (though I won't take less than $60 because it was expensive and it's heavy so shipping will cost a lot). Remember that this is no longer selling on Bodyline's website. I suggest using Priority mail w/insurance or Express for this as I am not responsible for it getting lost through First Class/Airmail.

As always, thank you for looking! I am willing to negotiate prices, but not the packaging fee (I don't have anything to package these with so I'll have to buy them).
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