Artie (artie_p) wrote in garagesalejapan,

Import Video Game & Anime Posters, $5 Each! Hundreds of them!

I have hundreds of video game & anime posters for sale, and I'm selling them ALL at one low price of $5 each! These are all official promotional posters from Japan, measuring about 20x29 inches (B2 size).

You can view the complete selection of posters I have available here, complete with thumbnails for easy browsing. Remember, ALL of them are just $5 each!

Shipping within the U.S. will cost $5 for 1-4 posters, and a bit more for more.. I will ship internationally as well. I'd prefer payment by PayPal.

If you see any you want, email me (as the page says) at with the list of filenames for the ones you want, and I will let you know if they are still available. (If you want more than 4, include your zip code as well so I can tell you the shipping cost to your location)

If you'd like an idea of my selling reputation, you can view my eBay feedback here.

Happy hunting :)
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