Sei (sei_chan) wrote in garagesalejapan,

I have a few items to sell

Mainly saiyuki doujinshi and some recordable cute soft-toy keychains (can also be use as a mobile phone accessories)

Yellow Chichi, Red Chichi

Red Kkongi, Yellow Kkongi

Yellow Lovedog, Red Lovedog

Red Ppomi, Yellow Ppomi

From the top of the pic, in order

Saiyuki Doujinshi, all in B5 size. Note all doujinshi are in excellent condition except those marked as A-, a little damage on the corner of the first few pages.

By the circle Honey: (pairings: Sanzo x Goku, Gojyo x Hakkai)
Kiseki No Uragawa (US$28, A+ condition, 76 pages)
Kotoba Ni Naranai Kimochi 2 (US$22, A- condition, 76 pages)
Mune No Kodou - pulsation of bosom (US$22, A- condition, 56 pages)
Ichiban Hoshikatta Mono (US$25, A+ condition, 48 pages)

By the circle Sakura Annin: (pairing: Hakkai x Goku)
Bless II (US$18, A+ condition, 40 pages)
Genshi Sakura (US$8, A+ condition, 46 pages, novel mostly)
Yasashii Doku (US$15, A+ condition, 24 pages)

By the circle Gitenshidou:
Kyouri(US$18, A+ condition, 56 pages, pairing: Konzen x Goku)
Utsusemi - Zempen (US$45, A+ condition, 104 pages, pairing: Konzen x Tenpou)
Utsuemi - Kouhen (US$45, A+ condition, 92 pages, pairing: Konzen x Tenpou)
Dead or Alive: Black and White (US$45, A+ condition, 144 pages, pairings: multiples)
Lumineux Magic Gaiden Tokubetsuhan (US$22, A- condition, 72 pages, Gaiden gags)

By the circle Noi'X: (pairing: Tenpou x Konzen) contain yaoi contents
Sarasa (US$35, A+ condition, 76 pages)
Hakana (US$35, A+ condition, 92 pages)

Keychains / Mobile phone accessories each selling at US$12

can record up to 10 to 15 seconds of sound, its about 3 inches in height, comes in 4 different pattern, each pattern having 2 colours. Instructions to record will be included when item is mail out.

If the price is not favourable pls comment to let me know the suggested price ;)
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