Iris Chen (quoththeraven) wrote in garagesalejapan,
Iris Chen

H.naoto, Metamorphose, Dir en grey Bag FOR SALE!

Hi! I need to get some quick money for my trip in less than a week, I want to only ship within the US if possible, because shipping comes with delivery confirmation. These prices for the most part are not negotiable, but I'll listen to fair deals or discount if you buy more than one item!

H.naoto Cutsew ASKING: $55 + $6 shipping in the US
Condition: New, without tags. body width max is about 35"-- i would recommend it for a smaller person! the sheer outside makes for little/no stretch.

Metamorphose Black Crown Parasol ASKING: $40 + $9 shipping in the US
Condition: BRAND NEW, never used, but no tags.

Dir en grey Tour Bag ASKING: $15 + $6 shipping in the US
Condition: Maybe used once if at all, but essentially new.

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