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Selling things. Accepting Payal only at the moment ^^; Accepting Paypal and Well Concealed Cash XD

pictures available upon request. items will be shipped from Singapore.

all are in perfect condition and come with an obi.
$9 each

Acid Android - Faults
Yukihiro's (L'Arc~en~Ciel) solo project. Thing. Korean version o___o;; but you can't tell unless you look carefully...

Dir en Grey - Macabre
this is a Taiwanese release (I think), but not a bootleg. The booklet inside the case also has the pictures of the band that comes with the Japanese version.

Orange Range - First Contact
This is also a Taiwanese release o_o; Anyway, the pictures in the booklet are really funny yet scary at the same time.

all come with an obi. I never listened to any of these :x they might as well be wrapped in plastic >_<;
$7 each.

Pierrot - Kowareteiku kono Sekai de
Thank you horrorvacuii for telling me the title of this!
Japanese version. Comes with a sticker of Takeo (thank you viskei_dorei!) and a card that shows all the band members on one side and the lyrics on the other

L'Arc~en~Ciel - Heaven's Drive
the cover for this is really weird! It's printed upside down on one side or something. I don't think it's supposed to be that way :x but it's not a bootleg. Japanese version.

Photo... things

I should really take a better picture of these :x The Miyavi ones aren't actually that dark. Printed on high-quality photo paper. $1 each, $5 for all of them.


Two sister princess posters (Haruka and Aria)- $6 each ON HOLD
Both have been hung up but you can't tell (: they were printed on plastic or something so they're pretty cool loooking XD (some areas are transparent). Bought directly from Japan.

Kiyoharu poster (from UV v107) - $5 ON HOLD
never been hung up. :o

Psycho le Cemu poster (from Shoxx v137) - $5 ON HOLD
never been hung up.


X v.1-6 - Singapore edition o_o the cover is grey.. erm. They're in good condition. $4 each.

Mars v.1-8, 10-15 - from Tokyopop. Basically I have the entire series but am missing volume 9. +____+ If you really want it I could get it for you though :x $7 each

Mars:Horse With No Name - from Tokyopop. The story of how Rei and Tatsuya first met. Also has two other stories (Sleeping Lion and A One-Carat Fruit) - $7

Power!! v.1 - in Japanese. - $5

Sister Princess pencilboard - $4

L'Arc~en~Ciel sticker sheet (unofficial) - $2 ON HOLD

Tokyo Underground Character Book (?) - Shows character designs, etc. Really good for those who want to draw the characters, or their own in a similar style. Or just like to look at pretty drawings. - $15
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