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Because loving ONE Seki-sama isn't good enough!

FS/T: Prince of Tennis Special Bromides Vol10


List of cards in the Vol10 Special Bromide Prince Collection set: Private (rare):  10th set special: All SD (super deformed = chibis) and the guys are in the outfits that they're wearing in the regs ^^;

10PR-1 Seigaku team, 10PR-2 Hyotei team, 10PR-3 Rikkai and other team members

Regulars: 10R-1 Ryoma, 10R-2 Tezuka, 10R-3 Fuji brothers, 10R-4 O&E, 10R-5 I&K, 10R-6 Taka & Momo,

10R-7 Atobe, 10R-8 Oshitari, 10R-9 S&O, 10R-10 Jirou & Bunta, 10R-11 Sanada & Yukimura, 10R-12 Kirihara, 10R-13 N&Y, 10R-14 Sengoku &Akutsu (!), 10R-15 Shiraishi &Toyama

SPARES: $6US each: Tezuka, Fuji Br, O&E, I&K, Momo&Taka, Atobe, Oshitari, S&O, Y&S, J&B, Kirihara, N&Y, Sengoku&Akutsu

$15US each: Seigaku PR-1 card

LOTS more Prince of Tennis bromides and trading cards on my page HERE

Shipping cost is extra. I'm in Canada.
Paypal, money order or cash I accept for payment.

My ebay feedback.

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