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behind the cut, (VERY PIC-HEAVY) are anime, manga, stationery, accessory (coin purse)
please comment if you are interested in something, i'm looking to clear out the space in my room and get rid of old things!
i can also do stationery grabbies, i accept paypal, concealed cash, money orders, and checks.
i may do trades/partial, and i ship to anywhere. feedback at feverlights


Set of two envelopes with feature and flowers in pink color theme.

Envie Grab - mix of kitschy/fobby/sanrio/orange story.

MY ART envelopes! If interested, let me know! I can do a set or two.

small TNT notepad w/ four TNT temp tatts / five HK mini envelopes / mini memo pad from Sanrio / five panda post-its / like 3? milk cow post-its


I can make a pencil grabbie!


Hello Kitty penecklaces or just pen necklaces, only pink left.


Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
Hello Kitty stickers w/ little beads/jewels, Charmmy Kitty FULL sticker sack, Froggy stickers, Pengu Family organizer sticker sheet (two stickers missing at top)

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Junk food 1 / Girly things / Junk food 2 / Kitty Medical / Kitty Desserts / Bunny Ears / Q-Lia Kitty Police sticker sheet on hold

Small Hamster Holographic sticker sheets, set of 6 (pending ? )

Cutie fruit and Cutie Bunny stickers

Milky Cow puffy stickers and Hamster Food shiny stickers pending

Nyan Nyanko stickers, Chef/Kitchen and School

Blue hearts / Squids & Octupi (with FACES!!) / stocking stuffer animals / green melons / orange melons

My Melody
pink bunny
QT angels
mashi maro
hello kitty

File Folders

Pink Sugar Recipe file folder

Colorful Sugar Recipe file folder

Panda food / Girls file folders

Mamegoma file folder and Wanroom file folder


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Girl and Froggy mini-memo pads

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Puppy / Panda PENDING / Bear memo pads

Sprightly White memopad (completely new, never used)

Loose Sheets


Sweet Pudding

Sweet Punch

Tropical "Are you dreaming?"

Sweet Magic

Soup friends

Old Onigiri

Nyanko School

Monotone Panda

Love Hamburger




NOTE the Rilakkuma sheets are bigger than regular memo sized sheets.

Rilakkuma sheet set 1

Rilakkuma sheet set 2

Baby animal sheets, set of 8 sheets. $1 + 0.50 for shipping

Dessert kawaii sheets, 8 sheets, $1 + 0.50 for shipping

Loose Sheets

Penguin Sheets (6 available)

Tare Panda, 10 designs altogether.

Tare Panda A4 sheets, click for close-up

Examples of Mashi Maro designs.

Deery Lou loose sheets, in normal memo size and then two different kinds of diecut sheets.

Capricorn sheets

Star Love Bear notebook

A Cutie Pie notebook

One-Game Match notebook

Flower Chick Cat Notebook

Samochi notebook

Panda Notebook

Freedom Be Happy Globe Notebook

Heart notebooks with Newspaper Text: Red and Pink, click image for back.

Sugar Recipe notebooks: Orange Cake and Strawberry Cake(can't find atm), click image to see backs.

Mushroom notebook

Sweet Friends notebook

Fruits Friends notebook

Rainbow bunny notebook

Mead Girl Print Journal

Atlantis leather journal (authentic Disney product )

Pochacco thin notebook. comes apart but can easily be stapled back together again..that's how it was connected in 1st place.

Bon-Bon Cat Club Student Diary (thick notebook,hardcover, with outer plastic cover)

Single Lettersets

NOTE: All lettersets come with one envelope and two sheets. I just took pictures of two envelopes to display both sides. ^^

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
Wai Wai Animal letterset

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
Precious Animal letterset

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
Japanese Style letterset

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
House letterset

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
Champignon letterset

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
Bon Appetit letterset

Sugar Recipe Toast Letterset

Sugar Recipe Strawberry Cake Letterset

Sugar Recipe Ice Cream Letterset

Best Wishes Blob letterset

Sweet Face kitty letterset

Cooking Girl letterset

Girls Style letterset

Happy Rainbowtown letterset

My Melody letterset, clover shaped diecuts, and one popcorn bag like envelope.

Pink Panda letterset

Flan Pudding letterset 1

Flan Pudding letterset 2

Yummy Blue letterset

Yummy Brown letterset

Purimaji Friends Pink Letterset

Purimaji Friends Newspaper Letterset

Purimaji Friends Blue Letterset

Colorful friends pink letterset

Petit Tomato letterset

Twins Egg letterset

Twins Egg Carton letterset

Love Strawberry letterset

Wonder Burger letterset

Rilakkuma yellow letterset, two sheets, one envelope.

Rilakkuma blue letterset, two sheets, one envelope.

Rilakkuma orange letterset, two sheets, one envelope.

Pucca letterset! these are huge two lettersheets with kind of big sized envelope...

THE COOKIE's DREAM lettersets come with two long vertical envelopes, four sheets with all different designs, and one sticker sheet.

cookie's dream pink letterset

Very ornate/intricate letterset, look at detail picture to see border and image. Comes in pale lavender, pale yellow. 2 sheets, 1 envie.

USAPPLE red checkered letterset

USAPPLE super checker letterset

USAPPLE boxes letterset

USAPPLE stripe letterset

Green Check Project letterset

Unicorn coin purse. Has glitter on it, and it's really super cute!

AMAZON image - same book, but front cover looks a little different.
The Art of Ranma 1/2, completely brand new and great condition, retails for $24.95, make an offer! i want more room on my shelf ~

Spirited Away Postcard Books: 1 and 2

Princess Ai vol 1 + Vampire Game vol 1

Happy Mania 1, 2 / Angel

Ranma 1/2 19 & 4

I.N.V.U. vol 1-2

Paradise Kiss vol 5 & I.N.V.U vol 3

Marmelade Boy 6, 7 / Peach Girl Change of Heart:1, 2

Ranma 1/2 Vol 22

Ranma 1/2 VHS: Darling Charlotte & Tough Cookies

Blue Gender volume 4

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