galexia_ (galexia_) wrote in garagesalejapan,

For Sale: Sailor Moon Cels, Genga, Douga, Tenshi ni Narumon, Azukakin ChaCha cel and more

Here we go, the promised price list and cels,douga and genga avalible for purchase. I'll probably add another grouping sometime in the (near) future. There are a few that I'll take reasonable offers on. As well, if you want to make an offer on those with a set price, email me as I'll take it under consideration. Prices were mostly calculated roughly on what I paid for them and current going prices. I'll be listing this stuff as avalible for the next two weeks. Sale will end June 16th. Please email be at: . Also if you want post a comment on my journal as well :D

I know this is typically something that isn't posted in many communities, but there seemed to be a lot of interest soo....

Sailor Moon Cels, Tenshi ni Narumon Cel, Akazukakin Cha Cha Cel, and other Cels, douga and genga for sale with picture-links and prices

Also, Currently on Auction @ EBAY:
A very Rare Sailor Star Maker plushie / ufo Catcher doll in great condition.
Starting bid is only 9.95 ! Sorry for the earlier double post ^_^;;
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