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Summer Cleaning! Lots of Manga for sale make me an offer or trade.

Been cleaning out my room, and have realized just how small manga makes it. So to make my room bigger I cleaned a ton of manga off my shelves that I don't read, aren't completed or not complete and hope to find a better home for them.

Series include: Random Yaoi series, Clamp Series, Priest, Psychic Academy, Cheeky Angel, Fushigi Yuugi, Samurai Deeper Kyou, Utena, Dragon Knights and much more.

Please make me an offer or I'll be willing to trade for the following items:


- Doujinshi [ looking for ones with Hakkai/Sanzo, Homura/Goku, Tenpou/Konzen]
- Hakkai Plush
- Goku Plush
- Saiyuki Double Barrel 3 DVD [I need it to complete the set]

Yami No Matsuei

- Manga Volumes 7-11 [ I'm missing those and would be willing to trade for the ending set]
- Yami no Matsuei Art books [ Any kind]
- Yami no Matsuei Doujinshi [ Muraki/Tsuzuki, Tatsumi/Watari]

Death Note:

- Death Note Doujinshi [ Namikawa/Midou, L/Matsuda]

Weiss Kreuz:

- Weiss Doujinshi [ Anything involving Schwarz, especially Crawford/Schuldig or Schuldig/Crawford]
- Weiss Kreuz Art Books [ Looking for an Assassin White Shaman]

Prices: Make me an offer! Or trade

Shipping: Prices will vary, Although, I'll ask for you to pay for shipping on trades.

Payment: I accept Postal Money Orders only!

Where I ship to: US Only

and last but not least:

Click Here for Photos of the Merchandise

Any other questions, please E-mail me at : Hydra_Marusumi@hotmail.com .

All Manga's are in Excellent condition. Some have very light tears on the sides and shelf wear, but have hardly
been touched and have been well taken care of.

Thank you!

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