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Indies j-rock goods...again!

The band: Anjyu'


I love these guys. They're getting super popular these days (which is why I can't go to their lives very often - too crowded!). But, back in the day, the bassist Yoshi was very nice to me and remembered my name and which live house I had first seen them at. And Juki (vocal) once gave me a piece of green apple-flavored Hai-chu!

Anyway, I have 2 items together as a set. The main item is a special NOT FOR SALE 2006-2007 Osaka-Nagoya-Tokyo "Tour Making" DVD. I didnt clock how long it is, but it's really long! It's mostly just complete Japanese cute young guy weirdness...which I'm sure would be even funnier if I understood what they were saying! There is also live footage of one of their most popular songs. At the end of the DVD, there is bonus footage of their photo shoot (they look so much better in make-up and costumes!). This DVD was given only to people who attended their first one-man earlier this year.

In addition, I will throw in a CD single (another free-for-kyakusan item) of the same song they play on the DVD: 雨心.

$25, including shipping from Japan to anywhere in the world. I accept Paypal or cash/money orders.

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