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Complete Anime Series for sale

All sets are the complete series unless otherwise noted. All dvds are the official region 1 release. If you want a shipping estimate let me know what method you want it shipped.

Bubble Gum Crisis Tokyo 2040 Essential anime collection (all 6 disc, full series) $28.00
Diamond Daydreams vols. 1-3 (Full series) $30.00
Future GPX Cyber Formula GPX Complete Collection (All 37 episodes) $25.00
Happy Lesson Teacher’s Pet Collection (Full series+ OVAs) $15.00
Infinite Ryvius Box Set (all 6 volumes in series box) $25.00
Kaze no Yojimbo Complete Collection Sealed. $28.00
Kiddy Grade Files 1-4 (Complete series, 8 dvd set) $35.00
Magical Shopping Arcade Abenobashi Thinpack Collection $25.00
Maison Ikkoku Box set 1 (3 dvds, episodes 1-12) $27.00
Maison Ikkoku Box set 1 (3 dvds, episodes 13-24) $27.00
Nuku Nuku Dash vols. 1-3 (complete series) $23.00
Nuku Nuku TV vols. 1-4 (full series) $28.00
Pat Labor Mobile Police TV Series 1-4 (in box, first 18 episodes) $22.00
Shrine of the Morning Mist Perfect Collection $18.00
Stratos 4 Complete Collection (All 4 dvds in a series box) $17.00
Tenchi Muyo GXP Files 1-4 (Complete series, 8 dvd set)$35.00
Tenchi Universe vols. 1-5 (First 16 episodes of the series) $30.00
Wanadaba Style vols. 1-3 (complete series) $25.00
Wild C.A.T.S Complete Collection

I also have more single volumes of anime and manga for sale on my web site,

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