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Stuff for sale!

First time poster! I haven't used this community before, but please view my eBay feedback for my reliability.

I ship via USPS only, using Priority Mail or Media Mail as appropriate. I will ship internationally; please ask for shipping cost. Minimum shipping cost is $5.00 for Priority Mail and $3.00 for Media Mail. Your items will be weighed to calculate postage in case of multiple item requests. Payment via Paypal, USPS money order (domestic) or IPMO (international).

Follow the lj-cut to the goods...

Trigun artbook

Picture 1
Picture 2

Book is in good condition, great resource for cosplayers. In Japanese.

Price: $10.00

Kuroneko-sama plushie. Very cute! She is in good shape, but her tag is slightly curled.

Price: $4.00

Ichigo/Yoruichi doujinshi by Dragon Squad

Pairing: Ichigo + Yoruichi (not really romantic)
Type: Drama/Humor
Circle: Dragon Squad
Pages: 40

Picture 1
Picture 2

In the first story, Ichigo and Renji are training for bankai together in Soul Society under Yoruichi's supervision (very nice fighting art.) In the second, Ichigo seems discouraged, so Yoruichi gives him a boobalicious hug. But, it makes him think of being hugged by his mother, and he feels better.

Price: $5.00

Ichigo/Rukia doujinshi: Hachimitsuiro

Picture 1
Picture 2

Not sure what this one is about (I dun read Japanese) but there's some romantic tension and an almost-snog.

Pairing: Ichigo/Rukia
Type: Drama/Humor
Circle: WSB
Pages: 20

Price: $2.00

Revolution Lv. 4

A two-book set of doujinshi by Kazuya Kutsuki and Chata Tachibana. A little yaoi, mostly for comic effect. Comes with a little Laguna paper doll to cut out and instructions for diorama you can pose him in. Gorgeous full-color illustrations! The books are used but in good condition; the box that the books came in is battered and needs repair.

Picture 1
Picture 2

Pairing: various, mostly yaoi
Type: Drama/Humor
Circle: Chata Tachibana, Negimaru
Pages: Book 1 - 48pp, Book 2 - 16pp

Price: $10.00

Drop a comment if you're interested, or email me at crawlybug [at] gmail [dot] com! Thanks for reading!

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