drowningofsoul (drowningofsoul) wrote in garagesalejapan,

DS: h.Naoto blood

h.Naoto black jacket

b: 33.5 in
w: 30in
l: 28in (front) 40in (back)
Price: $250

* * *

h.Naoto double breasted knitted one-piece (very stretchy, loose fabric)

b: 32- 40in
w: 28- 40in
l: 32 in
Price: $200

* * *

h.Naoto black vest one-piece

b: 34in
w: 34in (adjust with corset; however the lacing is missing; it was just a regular satin strip running through)
l: 35in
price: $170

* * *

h.Naoto WHITE double breasted one-piece

b: 33.5 in
w: 30in (adjust in back)
l: 33in

* * *

h.Naoto BLACK breasted one-piece

b: 33.5in
w: 30in (adjust in back)
l: 33in
Price: $250
* * *

Payment: Paypal preferred*
Shipping: included
Holds: I will sell to whoever can pay first.
Questions: Feel free, comment here or e-mail me at drowningofsoul@yahoo.com
Feedback: I have sold here before, my feedback is here: http://drowningofsoul.livejournal.com/3219.html#cutid1

Thank you.

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