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I NEED some money. So please~ Serious Buyers ONLY~

PAYMENT: VERY WELL CONCEALED CASH (At your Own risk) OR POSTAL MONEY ORDER (Green for domestic, Pink for international)

SHIPPING: I ship once I recieve money. I ONLY SHIP WITHIN THE US AND CANADA, NO EXCEPTIONS! I Ship on Tuesdays only. Some items I can ship flat rate if the item(s) are weighty; check to see if they qualify for flat rate shipping. Priority shipping starts at $4.80.

HOLDS: NO HOLDING ITEMS! Unless I know the money is IN TRANSIT I will NOT hold the items.

Petshop of Horrors 1-10 - $4 each or $30 for all ten Shipping is $4.60 anywhere If all 10 Books are Baught together.

Tokyo Mew Mew 1-7 - $4 each or $20 for all seven

Tour of Asia: Domestic Fxxker Family [xx] - $35 Shipping for this is $4.60 anywhere.
a couple of pages have come loss from the binding, I suspect that the glue holding the pages together might have melted a little when it was in transit to me.

First picture: This is a couple pages before the lose pages. The book was put together in two parts, this is where the two 'books' got glued together. The weight of both sides, I believe, caused this. Very very little damage to the pictures, just to the crease area.
Second, third, fourth, picture: as you can see in the second picture, it was a clean fall out. Third picture, the loose page opened. Fourth, the other side of the loose page.

has PVs for Jealous, I'll, unknown...despair... a loss, and karma. very nice to see those pvs in very high quality! Comes with five post cards; printed on flimsy but nice paper.

Kyo's Second Poem Book: 『How are You?> From the Farest Place on Earth to You with No Name... With love』 - $40 Shipping for this is $4.60 Anywhere
This is back on sale after behind held for a couple months without pay >_<; Anyways, this is Kyo's SECOND poem book. Condition is Like new as I hardly opened it because I was afraid to ruin the art pages. This comes with the cardboard cover, the CD with the Single 'Mama', the poem book itself, and art pages of all the poems. The poem book's spine has never been creased as well.
Pictures: - cover - open, flap not opened - Page that holds the slip case for the cd 'Mama' - The CD - The Poem book - Page from Poem book. - The fat stack of Art pages - Example of a page - another example.
(warning, HUGE pictures)

hide 'Fuct' UFO Plushie - $30
Like brand new conditioned, bought last year and has just been sitting on my bookshelf.
Pictures: wifteh/hidestuff/100_3681.jpg

the doll has since been dusted off after the picture.

hide plastic figurines - $25 each
I got one from a grab bag and was givin the other. Their hard plastic figures that you can move the head side to side, the arms up and down, and the feet side to side.

hide 'A' - Comes with NO BOX. I had it but some one must have thrown it away. wifteh/hidestuff/100_3680.jpg

hide 'B' - Comes with it's box. Shipping is $8.10 anywhere because of having to ship in a box.

no pictures of this guy, but hes basicly like the first one, sept in black and white. (think negative version..)

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