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Hey ^^v

I have a few things for sale, please read my rules before replying:

~*Rules and Shipping*~

-i ship internationally and local
-i accept US Dollars (USD), and POSTAL MO only. No paypal or checks.
-people who buy from me always send the money first!! It's the only way I can pay for shipping :heart:
-you have 2 weeks to send payment. (14 days) Late sending must report to me so I know what's going on.
-please let me know if you'd like to trade or do a half trade on items. I'll let you know after I pm you.
-all sales must be comfirmed before they are recorded in my transaction list. This means we must exchange address.
-prices do not include shipping & packaging
- note that some items have been put on other sites, so it's first come first serve


-Shipping is based on where you live! When asking shipping price, please include your country or zip code!
-I only ship with First Class or Express! if you'd like to have cheaper shipping, please let me know.
-I only ship on Fridays and/or Saterdays!

+Extremely Rare Blush magazine - Miyabi on cover - English text -- 25.00USD or best offer. I paid $36.00 for this x_x
Cover Inside Close Inside

+CDData magazine -- 5.00USD
Cover Inside

+Popbeat magazine -- 7.00USD
Cover Inside

+Non-no magazine -- 6.00USD

+Chinese HARD Yaoi Manga: You're My One and Only - 18+ but cencered- 6.00USD
Cover Inside

Please reply or e-mail me at fukyuu.love@bonbon.net

if there are any DOREMI-dan fans here, please join our fanbook at strawberry_eye
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