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ebay items
[bleach] ukitake x byakuya AU yaoi doujinshi

lot of 2 anthologies bexboy and zero
*zero's not yaoi. it features art from several yaoi mangaka doing non-yaoi stuff. :(

ain't afraid to die single
jessica single - brand new
filth single - brand new

check out my other auctions too!

renji x byakuya by CYN
~ $7
reserved for mother

The bean book by SPIDER
~ $3

Sugar Kingdom (a havoc x roy doujinshi) by iksama renkinjutsu
~ $10

Roy x ed by takaraya yutako
~ $7

byakuya x renji by PPR (warning! very hard yaoi)
~ $7
also has a bonus chad x rageo section. rageo is supposedly chad's friend who appeared in chapters 7, 37 and 38.
reserved for mother

also have some initial d takahashicest if anyone's interested. i'll only post them if people are interested :)

doujins will cost about $5 to ship. combined shipping for multiple items is possible.

anime magazines ~ $10 each
(descriptions of cover and furoku. furoku are the freebies they give away with the magazine, like shitajikis, posters, stickers, etc)

august 2004: aa megamisama cover. hagaren schedule stickers. saiyuki reload gunlock and winry b2-sized posters.

july 2004 : hagaren cover. hagaren, kyou kara maou pinup posters. galaxy angels photos, hagaren shitajiki.

june 2004: inuyasha cover. hagaren b2 poster, quizbook. chrno crusade b2 poster. anime stickers featuring hagaren, kyou kara maou, saiyuki reload gunlock and others.

may 2004: sakura taisen monogatari cover. hagaren, saiyuki b2 poster. anime songbook, ninki anime memorial stickers: saiyuki reload, peacemaker kurogane, digi charat, maburoho etc

april 2004: hagaren cover. hagaren pinup, schedule seals (meetings, dates, study etc), inuyasha pinup, hagaren guidebook, anime calendar 2004-5, saiyuki quiz book

march 2004: saiyuki cover. da capo, ai yori aoshi posters. hagaren clear file.

jan 2004: inuyasha cover. hagaren, ai yori aoshi b2 poster.

2003: nov, dec
2004: jan - august
(i don't have time to list out the contents, sorry!)

[x] all magazines are in very good condition.
[x] all magazines are $10 inclusive of all furoku but excluding shipping. expect shipping fees to be high if you don't live in singapore because the magazines are so heavy. however, i will be heading over to the states in may and if you are willing to wait i can bring the magazines you want over to USA with me and ship from there to save you shipping fees. if you choose this option, please make a down payment so i don't bring the magazines there for nothing if you decide to back out of the deal. it would be nice if you don't wait till the last minute (late april) to tell me which magazines you want because i'll be busy with exams then.
[x] you can buy individual furokus for $3 each.
[x] if the magazine you want has had its furoku bought by someone else, i'll lower the price of the magazine :)
[x] i also have magazines like cutie, kera, shoxx and fool's mate which i don't think posting here would be appropriate. if anyone is interested in any of the abovementioned magazines, please drop a comment and i'll come up with a list soon. unfortunately, they don't come with any furoku.
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