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kawaii ?? ^__^

hajimimashite & annyeo!~ ^^ I currently have a few cellstraps & charms from Japan that were left over from a survey & also a bunny knit hoodie shipped from Korea for sale.

^Bunny Hoodie From Korea

^Wish Upon Charming Antique Beauty Phone Strap Horse-Drawn Carriage


Hand-Made Chirimen Netsuke Phone Strap (Momo Chan)
^this is even cuter in real life! X3
brand new, never used
$4 + 2 stamps shipped

Death Note Limited Figure Collection Charm (Misa Misa Doll)
^Show your love and craziness for Death Note to the world with this charm! XD
brand new, never used
opened to see which charm it was(I wanted the apple one D:)
$3 + 2 stamps shipped

Wish Upon Charming Antique Beauty Phone Strap Horse-Drawn Carriage
^gorgeous cellstrap, very kawaii & romantic ^3^
brand new, still in original package
$8 + 2 stamps shipped

Korean imported romantic cozy bunny knit with removable bunny pin
^so so so so sooooo indescribably kawaii! I ordered this from korea on impulse for $78 USD because it was just too cute to resist =^= I was planning on wearing this, but I have to sell this adorable knit because I had just spent over $400 on my pets' veterinary bills and need the money TT__TT
brand new, never worn
$57 USD shipped
^sorry, but this is about as low as I can go since it is new & will cost a lot to ship b/c it's heavy ):

Shipping & Handling
♥ I ship from CA, USA
♥ S/H is included in all prices, and is only valid within the US. If you're willing to pay extra shipping, then I can ship internationally ^__^

Payment & Transaction
♥ I only negotiate with SERIOUS buyers, please don't waste my time!
♥ Forms of payment accepted are money order, concealed cash & paypal(with additional fee)
♥ feel free to contact me at kat_z_kitty@yahoo.com

♥ I do have all the items on hand, so feel free to ask for pictures for proof.
♥ Freebie Japanese candies will be given with every purchase :D

Please comment with your email if interested, thanks and enjoy! ^__^

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