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Please check my sales for my L'Arc or hyde stuff. I really need to sell them because I am going away back to the Philippines and I need spending money. We can negotiate reasonable prices if the price is "too high" for certain items.

B~Pass HYDE January 2004 Start: USD 30
Interview and photage of HYDE for his CD 666. Includes poster. In Mint Condition!!!

What's In? HYDE December 2003 Start: USD 20
Interview and photage of HYDE for his CD 666 during Christmas time. Includes mini fold out poster from the cover of the magazine. In great condition!

[no image]
HYDE 2004/2005 CALLENDAR! Start: USD 100
This is a NEW, never been used callendar dated back from 2004~2005. It is from his 666 photoshoot. There are 12 giant posters of him too. This item can be used as a poster since it's not much of a callendar/ or a collector's item. The shipping rate varies for this item and can only be shipped by itself. It cannot be combined with any other products unless it is small paper items.

L'Arc~en~Ciel THICK Book "L'Arc~das" Start: USD 70
This exclusive book is a thick book which contains information on L'Arc~en~Ciel (from their beginning days to their days up til 99) from their history, profiles, merchandise, lives and very random information about themselves... like hyde liking Harry Potter...? And if you know about them and their 'n'... lol Just check out some of the cool pictures made by their artist... and it has some info on Sakura too. There's a front with their merchandise in color and the rest is in black and white. If you know the Larku~chi, it's in here! Very rare and fun book you'll enjoy reading or looking at.

HYDE Hello PV Black Shirt Size Small -female- Start: USD 80 (or tell me how much you would pay...)
This is an EXCLUSIVELY made cosplay shirt I made for my HYDE cosplay. Actually, I'm proud to say I am the first Hello HYDE cosplayer in the US (one from both AnimeNext04 and Big Apple Anime Fest 03)! Anyways, I am finally selling my LAST shirt that I designed off of HYDE's real shirt SOLD OUT from hyde-ist. The shirt looks good on those who are more flat chested since the shirt can be damaged if wrinkled a lot... it is very delicate! I prefer a cosplayer to be size extra small or small... it could fit a medium but your bust size should be ranging to A cup! If there's more questions, feel free to ask. I'm selling for a high price but only to the person who really wants it... because I already know a lot of people want one and a more accurate design. Only used for two conventions in my life! So yeah, it's in great condition. I will give you washing instructions...

J-Pop Singer Replica Bracellet Cross NOW: 15 USD
Sorry I do not know who this girl is. ^_^; I got this a while ago because her bracelette is of a cross. Cool accesorry. If you know who she is, let me know!

L'Arc~en~Ciel OFFICIAL Sticker Set Start: USD 10
Set of unused perfect stickers from Japan featuring all the members of L'Arc. Very very cute and nice pictures to stick all over your binders. hehe ^_^ (I wish I used tetsu's haha. He looks so cute!)

L'Arc~en~Ciel OFFICIAL Plastic Tour Bag Start: USD 20 NOW 13!
Big size! I rather it be stored than used. I never used it... just to hold my L'Arc stuff. But it's in ok condition. It was exclusively given during the tour so it is VERY RARE and hard to get by... only those who went to their concert has this... The closure is simply by two black strings.

L'Arc~en~Ciel hyde 2 set photo Start: USD 8
Another pair of beautiful photos of hyde. One is of him from the 90s era and the other was in 2003. The 90s one is matte finish while the other is glossy. Very handsome!

L'Arc~en~Ciel stationery Start: USD 10.00
Opened but not used; complete stationery set of papers and envelopes of L'Arc straight from Japan! Rare! Great condition! 15 sheets and 5 envelopes set.

L'Arc~en~Ciel hyde ONLY Shitajiki Start: USD 14
This is a new, unused shitajiki from Japan of hyde on front and the band on the back in '99.


L'Arc~en~Ciel Shitajiki 4 Start: USD 15
This is a new, unused shitakiji from Japan of the band from L'Arc in '99.

L'Arc~en~Ciel hyde Shitajiki 3 Start: USD 15
This is a new, unused shitajiki from Japan of hyde only front and back. One of my faves. ;)


L'Arc~en~Ciel hyde Shitajiki 5 Start: USD 15
This is a new shitajiki without original plastic wrap. But it comes with a replaced plastic covering. L'Arc in early 2000s.


L'Arc~en~Ciel hyde Shitajiki 6 Start: USD 15
This is a new, unused shitajiki from Japan of hyde in L'Arc.


L'Arc~en~Ciel hyde Shitajiki 6 Start: USD 15
This is a new, unused shitajiki from Japan of the whole band. Cool!

I accept PAYPAL or money order. Shipping varies on items but most is $6 to the US. Please email me if interested at or reply here. You can check my status in my livejournal larukunohyde

Thank you!

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