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Manga & Doujinshi the Second

A second attempt (this time with spiffy eyecatch!) - I've got a small but action packed selection of manga and doujinshi, as well as a Sailor Moon artbook for sale. Come take a look!

English Manga


Descendants of Darkness - v. 1 - [sold]
Basara - v. 1 - $4
R.G. Utena - v. 1 - [sold]
Air Gear - v. 1 - $6
Banana Fish - v. 1 & 2 - $6 each


Title: Ibara
Circle: Murasakiya
Series: Fullmetal Alchemist
Pages: 18
Rating/Parings: Shonen ai, Roy/Ed
Price: $5

Title: ?
Circle: K + G Zion
Series: Fullmetal Alchemist
Pages: 38
Rating/Parings: Shonen ai, Roy/Ed
Price: $5

Title: Dream Naruto
Circle: ?
Pages: 48 - size A5
Rating/Parings: Shonen ai (gag)- Sasuke/Gaara, Naruto->Kakashi, Kakashi/Iruka
Price: $5

Title: Secret Naruto
Circle: ?
Series: Naruto
Pages: 18
- size A5
Rating/Parings: Adults Only - Asuma/Kakashi
Price: $5

Title: Asuma Fan Book
Circle: Bakenekoyashiki
Series: Naruto
Pages: 26
- size A5 - mostly text, some comics and illustrations
Rating/Parings: Shonen ai - Asuma/Iruka
Price: $2

Title: Blue Rubber Ball
Circle: Nansouki
Series: Yu Yu Hakusho
Pages: 34
Rating/Parings: gen
Price: $5

Title: Pistol Opera
Circle: Chiyochiyo

Series: Gensou Suikoden 5

Pages: 18
Rating/Parings: Adults Only (smut, smut, smut) - Georg/Prince
Price: [sold]

Finally, I've got a copy of the Japanese 'Pretty Solider Sailor Moon' artbook, Vol. 1. The book is unfortunately water damaged (yeah, I know - it's a crying shame. *Not* one of my better days). The damage includes page warping and a tiny bit of staining near the front and back, but the pictures themselves are intact (no running, bleeding, etc). Pictures: [damage] [damage] [damage] [damage]

So what I'm going to do is take offers until 6/15/07, then sell it to the best one.

Current Offer:

I ship both nationally (United States) and internationally - ask me for a shipping quote and I'll do my best to provide.

I'm currently only taking payment through Paypal or trades.

Speaking of, I am very, very open to trades if you have something I want. The following is an abbreviated version of my wishlist, it can be found in full here.

Manga (English):
Genshiken 2-5, 7
Eyeshield 21 10+
Banana Fish 5, 8+

Devil Mania # 1-4 - Eyeshield 21 - Watari Ahomi / Naono Bokera
Moe Due - Naruto - Acute Girls
Anything Duo x Wufei - Gundam Wing

Naruto/Sasuke (Naruto)
Kakashi/Iruka (Naruto)
Renji x Rukia (Bleach)
Hikaru x Akira (HikaGo)

Shounen Spectre
Acute Girls
Super Nova
Naono Bokera
East End Club

Doujinshi in general - try me, even if you don't have anything listed here.


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