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[sell] Hands Off! 1-4, Saiyuki & OP doujinshi

Located in San Diego, CA. Will accept Verified PP, USPS MO, and concealed cash (at your risk). If looking for more doujinshi, feel free to ask after series...

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$20 + $7.50 Priority/$3.22 Media
Hands Off! volumes 1-4 (U.S. graphic novels)
Secondhand; good condition with usual shelfwear except volume 1 has a tiny deep nick on the edge of the back cover.

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$85 + $9 Priority/$4.60 Media
Djka Artist/Circle: Flying Whale
Size: B5 (7.125 inches x 10.125 inches) & one A4 (8.25 inches x 11.75 inches)
Genre: BL
Content: Zoro/Sanji. Some contain NC17 content. A few of them also have text pages, but none are text only.
Notes: Secondhand; good to excellent condition, but they may or may not have various small imperfections; such as slightly bent corners, a few scratches, faint wrinkles, etc. Nice art and stories, which can get hot.

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$32 + $5 Priority/$3.22 Media
Aishiteru, Aishiteru 2, True Romance
Djka Artist/Circle: Bunny Urasawa
Publication Date: 12/25/1999, 05/06/2001, 3/18/2001
Size: B5 (7.125 inches x 10.125 inches)
Pages: 96 (16 novel), 96 (16 novel), 74
Content: Goku/Sanzo, Gojyo/Hakkai. Has some NC17 content; AU storyline where they're people living in modern Japan. Aishiteru 1-2 have guest artists and color illustrations.
Notes: Secondhand; very good condition, but Ashiteru's front cover is worn and Ashiteru 2 and True Romance's back cover has lightly bent corners.

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