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Hi good day

I recently had an incovenient with a seller and I thoug something, if sellers can delete theirs post and they do not admit certain livejournal buyers, the buyer what kind of help will receive if the seller is a thief, they can delete the journal and that's all

I never had any problem with sellers. jut this one and wasnt that big either but... if she can delete my post so nobody can see the problem and she negates me

I just ask for an item first, then another buyer came and ask it too, I think that the best thing was to ask me if i will raise the price too I think is fair. I just told her that and then I found my post deleted

my fist post
trowa!! EKK
(mail and adress deleted)

Their reply was:

Hmm..it was a really tough decision, but I'm gonna have to go with the other person. Sorry about that. :(

to this I post something like "but is no fair T_T i came fist"

so in the end... all sellers will have 100% of positive feedback???

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