Dustbin Sales (dustbin56) wrote in garagesalejapan,
Dustbin Sales

Dustbin Moving Sale!

I'm going to be moving cross-country in the next few months, and am kind of starting to get desperate to clear some of this stuff.

That said, I've lowered prices (which are always negotiable anyway) on pretty much everything, and have added several new items to the list including Dragon Ash and FictionJunction YUUKA CDs, Jrock Ink by Josephine Yun, several Hello Kitty appliances, and the entire 2006 set of Purple Sky magazines.

All of my items are in great condition, I won't sell you bootlegged stuff, I've never had any negative feedback, and I'm really willing to work with anyone who wants to take this stuff off my hands.

Come check it out at dustbin56! Tell your friends!

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