FaggotGhost (faggotghost) wrote in garagesalejapan,

S&H, Payment Method, etc. Help, please!

So, I recently found a big box of mangas, Shonen Jumps, and other anime related things that I wish to get rid of ): But, I am new to this since I normally just BUY things online.. Anyways.. My dilema;

Don't I need to be 18 or older to have a paypal? I have one already, but I've always used my mother's credit card, and just given her cash XD; And if I don't need to be 18, how do I get the money? (i think i do, because i get it from a bank acc?)

S&H resolved So I used the converter. I just go to the post office, have them put it in the container I picked, and they say it will be $1.65? (i tested from here to ohio). I'm a newb to this, sorry.

And what would you suggest the best payment method? Since I think you need to be 18 for paypal, couldn't I just have them send a check, and once I get it cleared, I send out their things?

I'm sorry if this is spamming, and I know it's not totally related to GSJ, but I really need help ;_; Once I learn this, I can be a good member of here for ever XD; Thank you if you can help!

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