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09 June 2007 @ 12:51 am
Last call for English KH Doujinshi  
This is the last call for offers on the English Kingdom Hearts II Doujinshi I am selling. I will be taking offers until Midnight, Sunday June 10th (Central Time).

Here's the info:

There are 5 stories by 3 different authors. Stories range from Roxas' induction into the Org to Sora angsting about losing Riku to the budding relationship between Axel and Roxas, with 2 short gag stories, one Axel/Roxas and one Sora/Riku.



Another inside.

Please comment at my selling post or e-mail me at empressminako[at]yahoo[dot]com if interested in making an offer. Also check out my selling post for more information.