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Right. I'm sad to see these two go..especially since I'm a huge fan of h.Naoto..but I just never wear them and would like to purchase something else in their replacement ^_^ I want to get the upmost I can for them..since what I want to replace them with is very expensive lol XD Damn you Suppurates System! *shakes fist*

HN+DIE Bracelet

No tags, but it didn't come with any. Got this only a few months ago [around Feb'] and have only tried it on. Would like £20/$39.40 + postage or closest offer.

Lost Angel Earcuff

When I went to Japan just over two years ago, I picked this up at Kera Shop in Shinjuku. Thinking I'd wear it all the time, but my hair is always down and I look weird with it up XD! I love it ;_; <3 I've only tried it on. The larger silver looking 'hook' goes at the back of the ear to hold it in place while the chains and charms dangle. Would like £14/$27.58 + postage or closest offer. SOLD

Thank you o(^_^)o

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