pinkmoocow (pinkmoocow) wrote in garagesalejapan,

EGL/cosplay Wig for Sale

Hi folks! This is my first post here, so please do let me know if I've done something wrong and I will gladly try to fix it.

I'm selling a wig which I used in an Elegant Gothic Lolita costume. This wig is made of synthetic hair and has been worn only ONE time.

I paid $40 US for this wig, and it has only been worn once. Otherwise, it's been carefully kept in the closet. It's very brush-able and has a nice texture to it.

I'm looking for somewhere around $30 US for it. However, I'd also be willing to trade for some One Piece merchandise (depending on what that is, but I will take offers) or for a white or silver wig of equal value.

Pictures below the cut!


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