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「 MELTY Ki SS ♥ 」

J-Rock Sale!

Cleaning out some J-Rock stuff that I have that I don't need anymore. Includes many J-Rock magazines (Shoxx, Arena37c, Cure), CDs (Gazette, D'espairsRay) and tons of cheap flyers! Please take a look!

Shoxx July 2006 - $15 shipped
*Poster not included

Shoxx June 2006 - $15 shipped
*Poster not included

Cure Vol.33 - $11 shipped
*Poster not included

Cure Vol.34 - $11 shipped
*Poster not included

Gazette - Regret Auditory Impression $15 shipped
Gazette - Filth in the Beauty Auditory Impression $15 shipped
D'espairsRay - Coll:set *out of print* $20 shipped

LM.C Poster - $5 shipped

Nightmare / Kagrra, Double Sided Poster - $5 shipped

State and amount and offer a price?
It doesn't really matter, I just want to get rid of these.

Payment accepted through concealed cash and postal money order only.
All shipped prices are within USA only.

Leave a comment if interested or email me at fantasy_luv102@yahoo.com
My seller's feedback is here.
Trades are welcome. Feel free to offer. (Currently looking for Alice Nine Shoxx)

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