Snorty (supermoo) wrote in garagesalejapan,


I have a Death Note Movie Book, Gakuen Heaven doujinshi, Naruto figures, English manga (ParaKiss, others), furoku, and other stuff. US Seller, I take paypal, everything comes from a smoke-free home.

I have about 12 BeBoy Magazines, Kizuna 1-6, and a LaLa magazines up for sale, too. I'm selling them to save up for Anime Expo, yay!

Also, would anyone be interested in a Bleach CD Set: Bleach Best Beat Vol 1 New from Japan, although the CD case has some damage (I dropped the case). It comes with a pretty outer case, though, so you can't see the case damage. I have the obi, too.

Also also, I just finished God of War II, and that's up for sale. I'm the second owner, so let's say $25. That's the going ebay-price, give or take. :D

Here's the sale: Yay, sales!

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