Diana Tenou (dianachan) wrote in garagesalejapan,
Diana Tenou

Sailormoon Costume sale

Just two costumes.

Currently I still have the Princess Neptune dress for sale, and I've added my old Juuban costume (Seifuku from stars) as well.

Princess Neptune

At the moment, the costume is packed and ready to be shipped. Again, I bought this from another LJ user who made it, however it doesnt fit.
The costume is made to fit some one with a large bust, and a 30 inch waist.

Pictures I recieved of the dress :



The linning

(again, I didnt take these pictures. Avian did)


What is included with the costume :

Removable Train
Rose Prop

70 dollars + shipping

Juuban Uniform Winter version (stars)

This is my VERY FIRST costume. So the sewing isnt all that great.
There are also stains on the sleeves and a small stain on the front of the shirt, and the ribbon is frayed (I used the wrong ribbon when making it)


Skirt-the skirt DOES NOT come with a back bow

Measurements for the Juuban uniform :

Bust 30 shirt (it could fit smaller but it'll be really lose)
Waist 43'- again could fit smaller, but it will be lose
Height- 5'3" (again could be shorter..I wouldnt recomend being any taller than 5'5 for thsi costume)

I'm only asking 10 dollars (or best offer) because of the state it's in. For an extra ten dollars I can fix the ribbon and make it short sleeve (to better deal with the stains on the sleeve)

I'm trying to make extra money for EXPO+ bills, so I'd really like to see these costumes go. I'll post more later.


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