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MinarinShop is taking orders again!

Visit online at MinarinShop (LJ-version) and the newest version!

Hello! I'm just here to remind everyone (and inform new members and sellers) about my shopping service, MinarinShop.

If you want items from an online (or physically within Canada) store that doesn't ship to your country, or you can't buy it because you don't have a bank account/PayPal account/credit card, MinarinShop is the perfect alternative!

Simply fill out this form and you'll receive an e-mail shortly! You can read my feedback here!

For the sellers, fill out this form if you'd like to become affiliates. This is convenient if you do not accept money orders or concealed cash, but still want to sell your stuff and get a little promotion.

The end of August is the month when MinarinShop becomes even better than ever, so to celebrate, look out for lots of reduced costs and free gifts with your order <3

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