Kittie (vk_kitty) wrote in garagesalejapan,


This first try to sell these items, I hope someone is interested. I am selling Japanese styled dollhouse furniture! I'm sure how this usually works, but I have done commissions before and usually get paid in advance. I've also paid in advance before.

Sewing Box with Pin cushion and Working Drawer = $3.00

Traditional Step Stool = $3.00

Traditional Dresser with Mirror and Working Drawers = $3.00

Wood Entertainment Center with Sliding Doors = $3.00

Traditional Tatami Mat = $3.00

Bamboo Water Dispenser = $3.00

Ancient Rice Paper Lantern = $3.00

Home Fire Pit = $3.00

Screen Partition = $3.00

Wagon = $3.00

I had origionally started collecting these in the last two years, but I'm hoping to get rid of them to a good home. I take well concealed cash, check, money order or even paypal, but ID will only be given after you commit to buy. Shipping is free! If you want the whole set, It will only cost $25!
!!!I will take a trade if you have any Bento boxes or accessories to trade.!!!!
Buy or trade with confidence! I just want rid of things I no longer use! Thank you!

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