doujins_etc (doujins_etc) wrote in garagesalejapan,

LloydxZelos- (Hardcore) comes with a translation (i originally bought this for 40$ and it came with a translation) - This is a bidding item. Bidding starts at 17.00$

HARDCORE- FF12 doujin, never been opened- Bidding starts at 12.99$

BalthierxBasch shonen ai Doujin- 35 pages- Bidding starts at 14$

If youre interested please make a bid at my journal!!

I also have a few pink power doujins consisting of LloydxZelos and  AschxLuke
Mori/Haruhi- Sweet Baby Love- (romance)
Zabuza/Haku & Haku/Naruto- 18 pages-Rated R (small smut scene included) - 16$
Gankutsuou- Franz/Albert PG-13- 21 pages- 13$
Gintama- Gintoki/Katsura- School Affairs- PG-13 - 12$
Prince of Tennis-Inui/Kaidoh- Jet Monster- PG-13- 14 pages- 14$
Bleach-YoruichixSoiFonxKon (in ichigos body)- NC-17!!! - 18 pages- 15$

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