i (absentteesale) wrote in garagesalejapan,

Updated with....

Idol Magazine > 2006 Back Issue >> Duet, Wink Up, Potato 
Music Magazine > 2006 Oricon Style feat. Koda Kumi, Kat-tun, Kanjani8, w-inds., Orange Range, etc.
Fashion Magazine > 04~05 FineBoys Oshare Hair feat. Sakurai Sho
Concert Goods > Arashi Pamphlets, Kat-tun T-shirt

SALE >> Tackey & Tsubasa Clippings > Price Reduced! > Buy 5 sets get 1 set free.

Still trying to get rid off....

:: JE Clippings, shop photos, Magazines, Mini Posters, Concert Goods
   > Kat-tun, Kanjani8, NewS, Arashi, Tackey & Tsubasa, Jr.
:: Goong DVD
:: J Drama VCD
   > Koori no Sekai, A Sleeping Forest(Nemureru Mori), Golden Bowl
:: Clothes
   > Urban Outfitters, lux, Bonafide Love, LF, etc.
:: Doujinshi
   > Tenipuri, Gintama, Naruto
:: Manga / Traditional Chinese & Japanese
   > Yaoi, Shounen, Shoujo Manga

Interested? absentteesale

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