sukidesu ♥ (sukidesu) wrote in garagesalejapan,
sukidesu ♥

&hearts Selling~

Updated my selling journal as I need money for summer tuition classes coming up next session! Please have a look! Video games [PS2, DS, Gamecube, SNES], kawaii Japanese stationary [Junko Mizuno letter set, San-X and Sanrio], gouk Japanese brand purse/bag, RTBU kitty hood/scarf, Japan map t-shirt, FF9 Vivi plushie doll, Rare/Hard to find KERA magazines [2 feature Kyo of Dir en grey in a street snap and modeling brand clothing], Hard to find CUTiE Interior Design mook, Dir en grey Vulgar sticker sheet, J-rock buttons, and more!

Thanks for looking! :]

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