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update :) prices include shipping

i accept money orders, personal checks, and well-concealed cash.
u.s. shipping only. >< sorry!

legal dvds in english subs and dubs:
trigun v.1: the $60,000,000,000 man ($10)
ninku/yuyu hakusho movie ($10)

english manga:
fruits basket 6 ($6)
blue inferior 1 ($6)
demon palace babylon ($4)
revolutionary girl utena 1+2 ($6 each, $10 both)

group wallscroll of dbz: ($7 not including shipping)

for those that were going to buy:
juvenile orion 1
dbz: broly dvd/uncut

i haven't received the payment yet :/ if you're still interested, please leave a comment. after 3 days of no reply, they'll become available.
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