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~Manga for sale~ English and french~

I am planning to go to Japan over christmas and am looking for a little bit of extra money, so I am selling all the manga I really don't need (Or don't need my own copy as I share read my friends XD)

Shipping within the UK will be free 
Europe £1
U.S and Other places £2

All prices in UK Sterling.

(Also sorry about the photo quality...I just like to include pics to show I do have them XD)

Princess AI - Misaho Kujiradou, Courtney Love And D.J Milky
Volumes 1 & 2

£3 separately 
£5 the pair

Fruits Basket- Natsuki Takaya
Volume 1  VOLUME 2 SOLD


Volume 1


HunterXHunter- Yoshihiro Togashi
Volumes 4 & 5

£3 separately
£5 together

Ai Yori Aoshi- Kou Fimizuki
Volume 8

I also have a few Korean ones, but I don't think they would mind too much if I offered them here too XD
EDIT: THe Korean ones are in english, just the have Korean artists

Kill me, Kiss me - Lee Young You
Volume 4 


Demon Diary -  Kara & Lee Yun Hee
Volumes 1 & 2

(forgot to take a pic sorry XD!)

£3 separately
£5 together


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