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Moi meme moitie (lowered price) + more

I'm selling a moi meme moitie piece. I've posted it before and this is the last time I will post it before I put it up on ebay.

I'm selling a cloak/jacket from Moi-meme-moitie.
I bought it while I was in Japan.

Sorry, I didn't get around to take a real picture of it, so here is a picture of Mana wearing it from the Gothic & Lolita Bible:

I'm asking for $280 $210 shipped for it! (within the U.S., outside of the U.S. will be more!) It's quite heavy in fact.
The inside is lined BEAUTIFULLY with a veryyyy pretty blue Moi-meme-moitie printed lining. It's soooo pretty and nice. I think I love that part of it the most.
There's a cross as a zipper.

Under the cloak, it's a sleeveless "dress/jacket" thing. I'm not sure if you can see it well in the picture, but it goes just past the hips.

I'm not sure what size it is. But I wear from Small to Medium in U.S. clothing size (i.e. shirts, dresses, blouses, whatever~).
Ummm... If you want exact measurements, I could try and get them! (^ ^)
It's in VERY good condition. I can't see anything wrong with it. I've only wore it probably..less than 5 times. And I bought it for an insane amount! I fell in love with it when I saw it so nothing was going to stop me from getting it! *lol*
I may go lower on the price. Maybe. I really love this but I need money. (;-;)

Thanks for looking! If you want feedback, my ebay is: esca_vanf

I accept Paypal, cash (at your own risk), and money order (takes time to cash).

Serious buyers pleaseeeee.

The Cure magazine has 12012 on it. It's Vol. 34. In pretty good condition. I usually keep all of my things in good condition, if there is anything about it that's not, it happened from my trip back to Japan in my luggage.

Here's a picture of the cover:

$10 shipped (media mail- US).


1. Aural Vampire - Vampire Ecstasy CD
Cost: $18 + $3 shipping = $21

2. Dark Waters CD (compilation CD)
Cost: $12.75 + $3 shipping = $15.75
Note: This is a compilation CD of underground Japanese bands. The tracklist is as follows:

1. 2BULLET Drain Peoples Blood (Cold War Remix) 5.23
2. DEMONOID 13 Satanic Panzer Unit (Sins Of The Flesh Remix) 6.38
3. AGENT MURDER Ballet Of The Unhatched Fools (Re-Hatched) 4.03
4. PSYCHO DREAM Psycho Dream 3.31
5. SATANYANKO Little Abandoned Cat In The Dark 3.48
6. JET PEPPER TOWER Nocturnal Cabaret 7.31
7. BAAL On The Surface 2006 (Start The New Brutal) 6.08
8. DESPAIR Junk War (Riot Command Remix) 3.07
9. DESTRUCT SYSTEM Destruct System 3.44
10. SINS OF THE FLESH Death Wish (Mayan Sacrifice Mix) 6.15
11. AURAL VAMPIRE Bad Movie Disko King 5.17
12. SPEECIES Future By Future 4.42

A flagship release for DEATHWATCH ASIA and a historical document of the J-Goth scene in 2006!
Representing the finest and most popular underground acts from across the country: Tokyo, Osaka, Nagoya, Kyoto and Kobe. And including ONLY material never previously available on CD!

- the final recorded work of Osaka Batcave legends SATANYANKO...
- exclusive new and previously unreleased remixes of DESPAIR, AGENT MURDER and DEMONOID13...
- a brand new track from AURAL VAMPIRE...

A fantastic demonstration of the variety of sound and depth of talent the J-Goth underground has to offer: and the best way to experience it without coming to Japan for yourself!

(Description taken from Death Watch Asia Official HP)

3. Sins Of The Flesh - The Death Of The Flesh CD
Cost: $17 + $3 shipping = $20


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