♡~Mary~♡ (sailorlimabean) wrote in garagesalejapan,

Toshi cds for sale...

Sooo...I have a lot of CDs I am going to have to ship home... I am going to start thinning out the stack... Anyone interested in my Toshi (former singer of X-Japan) cds? I have "Made in Heaven," "Grace," and "Mission." "Made in Heaven" still has it's postcards (six of them, thought the photo only shows five) and its paper slip case (which, granted, shows shelfware). Grace still has the obi (I taped it on...sorry...). And umm...Mission is in pretty dang good condition. I'd like to try to sell them as a set. Shipping is from Japan but it shouldn't be too high. If the offer isn't silly low I might pay shipping myself...


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