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Summer Nostalgia

All items in like new condition unless otherwise noted. I accept non-cc Paypal only. Payment can be sent to Please do not send payment until I have confirmed your order. Prices do not include shipping. If you’re interested, ask for shipping prices. At this time I will only ship within the US (sorry!). Lastly, photos available upon request.

English language manga:

Alichino 1-3 $5/book or $10 for all
Angel Sanctuary 1-13 $5/book or $60 for all
Demon Diary 1-7 (complete) $5/book or $40 for all
Diablo 1-3 (complete) $5/book or $10 for all
Eerie Queerie! 1-4 (complete) $5/book or $15 for all
Fushigi Yûgi 1 $5
Golden Cain (complete) $8
Gravitation 1-6 $5/book or $25 for all
Il Gatto Sul G 1-2 $6.50/book or $10 for all
Kizuna 1 $8
Level – C 1 $5
Liling Po 1-4 $5/book or $15 for all
Mobil Suit Gundam Wing Episode Zero (complete) $8.50
Only the Ring Finger Knows (complete) $6.50
Petshop of Horrors 1 $5
Priest 1 $5
Shutter Box 1 $5
Skyscrapers of Oz (complete) $5
Snow Drop 1-12 (complete) $5/book or $55 for all
Tomie 2 $5 ~I bought this second hand so there is some slight tearing along the page edges but all pages are perfectly readable and in good condition.
X/1999 1, 3-5 $5/book or $22 for 1-5
X/1999 2 $8
Yellow 1-3 $6.50/book or $15 for all

DVDs (subtitled in English, Region 1):

Gravitation 1-2 $14/DVD or $25 for both


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