doujins_etc (doujins_etc) wrote in garagesalejapan,

If youre interested in bidding, plz comment on my journal

Cosmode 2006- Vol 2 - This is a bidding item. Bidding starts at 9$
(has step by step instructions (easy to understand because of pictures)for cosplay makeup and wigs)
 And instructions on how to make Shion and Jr. cosplay outfits.

includes cosplay from Xenosaga, D. Gray-man, full metal alchemist,naruto, .hack//, Gintama, Tales of the abyss, Jrock, bleach, Final Fantasy 12, Eureka Seven, Ikkitousen, Sukisyo, guilty gear, death note, kingdom hearts, One Piece, Yugioh, dbz, pokemon, POT, and various others (i couldnt recognize alot of them, sry)
I don't want to sell this item, but I really need money atm... :(

Gal Fashion Magazine Ranzuki- Bidding item starts at 8$
(has fashion/Makeup tips, easy to follow instructions because they include step by step picture instructions, and lots of sexy pictures) (I originally bought it for 25$)

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