gothfaeriesales (gothfaeriesales) wrote in garagesalejapan,

I still need more space in my apartment so I am still parting with more of my Japanese treasures!
New items have been added to my selling journal; gothfaeriesales

Pictures are coming (I need to be at home first to take them off of my camera; I'm at work right now. ^_^; *shhhh*)
Prices do not include shipping. Items will be shipped from Canada.
Please check out my sales journal for references and shipping and payment information.

Just some of the new additions:

Nightmare: Jiyuu Honpo Tenshin Ranman
    Limited to 2000 copies and is quite rare!

Gackt: Mizerable mini album
    First press with tattoo!

Dir en grey: Six Ugly
    Still in package.

Dir en grey: Kisou
    First press album.
    Small crack can be seen on cover, but can't be felt.

Dir en grey: ain't afraid to die
    Still in shrinkwrap.

Kagerou: Mizu Batashi no Kazoe Uta

Lots more at my sales journal, so check it out!!!

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