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my wantlist:

*english mangas
Kodocha 5-10
Mars 1 only!
Hot Gimmick 2+ (i did a trade for 2-6 but it got lost in the mail *cries so now i'm looking for it again... i hate it!)
Hana Kimi 4+
Pretear 3+
Girl Got Game 4+
Kare Kano 8+
Lament Of The Lamb 2+
Blood The Last Vampire 2002
Kare First Love
Duck Prince
Eerie Queerie 3
Eternity 2+
Kill Me Kiss Me 3-4
Zodiac P.I. 1-4
Angel Sanctuary
(i'll update this list again since i have a long list of wants! i mean who else!? right? ^_^)

Anime region 1 dvds!

X tv series vol. 5 & 7
Ceres vol. 3 & 7
Vampire Princess Miyu vol. 6 (tv series) and the box for all the dvds
Pretear 1-4
Wedding Peach 2+
Magic Knight Rayearth Season 2

...pls. let me know when you have something from my want list that you want to get rid of especially if you want to trade for it or if you're willing to sell it at a cheap price.. thanks!

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