elinica (elinica) wrote in garagesalejapan,

WTB: Lots of stuff. (manga and video game related items)

Hello! Here is a list of items that I am interested in purchasing. I would strongly prefer paypal as a payment method, though if I'm desperate, I may send cash or a money order.

ANY .hack anime, manga, game, or merchandise items from the first generation. (*especially* the DVD set or vol 1 of Hack//Sign). Not the GU/Roots generation, I haven't seen it yet, lol. All I have right now is the Legend of the Twilight manga, and the //sign soundtrack vol 1. So, if you've got it, offer it.

Any of the following manga:
Clover 1+
High School Girls 2
Magic Knight Rayearth 5
Nausicaa of the Valley of Wind 2, or 6+, or the large version of 1.
Short Program (any)

I love figurines, if you have *any* for sale, please let me know.
I'm particularly looking for Suikoden figurines and a figure of Al from Full Metal Alchemist.

Soundtracks for any of the following series:
.hack//Sign OST 2
Cowboy Bebop

Ren'ai/Dating Sim game related items:
Basically, game related items to this genre. Game items, not ones from the animes based on them.
Some series I like are Angelique, Harukanaru Toki no Nakede, To Heart 1/2, Sentimental Graffiti, Princess Maker, Tokimeki Memorial 2 & Girl's Side.

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