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[For Sale] Inu Yasha Illustration Artbook

Inu Yasha Illustration Artbook- $30 USD

$30 USD. This artbook features wonderful art of this popular series from the Manga (artist Rumiko Takahashi) and TV Anime. There is also a Interview and Character Design section featured in the back. Mint condition with typical store shelfware. Written all in Japanese.

Price includes shipping with delivery confirmation for anywhere within the US! Insurance is extra. Can ship outside the US but at a discounted shipping rate.
Please e-mail me if you are interested. Serious buyers only please! Feel free to check my eBay feedback for reference.

I accept Paypal Non-Credit Card and Non-Debit Card payments.
I will also accept Money Orders, but it must be sent with a tracking number to me! Sorry but too many have flaked out this way, so am implementing this policy as a result.
Payment must arrive within a week for US domestic buyers.

***If you're interested in any other items I have please feel free to check out my livejournal.
I have Japanese books and magazines, Japanese doll books, clothes, accessories, dolls, toys, and much more up for sale!
***If any are interested in Sanrio, please check out my website!

thanks for your time!

**Seriously, please e-mail me! I try to check lj, but sometimes the notices don't come through. Lj sometimes sends out notices very late, so if you want a reply its best to e-mail me**

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