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J-pop / J-rock singles, albums, manga, posters and bags for sale

Got a couple of things i would like to sell off to make space in my room and also to fund for my University textbooks... time is bad...

Paypal preferred, concealed cash, electronic bank transfer for those staying in Singapore (POSB/DBS) and Australia (Commonwealth).

I do ship worldwide so please enquire on the shipping charges from me.

Pictures of the items can be given upon request.

Price is always negotiateable.

All cds are in excellent condition (almost new)... its just the cover and booklets...

++jpop / jrock SINGLES++ ($5 each)

Gackt -- Vanilla SOLD
Ayumi Hamasaki -- M
Ayumi Hamasaki -- UNITE
Ayumi Hamasaki -- evolution
Aikawa Nanase -- seven seas
Namie Amuro -- Please smile again

++jpop / jrock ALBUMS++ ($10 each)

Uehara Takako -- First wings
l'arc-en-ciel -- Ray
l'arc-en-ciel -- ark
Do as Infinity -- deep forest
Do as Infinity -- break of dawn (include MTV VCD of yesterday & today, raven)
Ayumi Hamasaki -- I am...
Ayumi Hamasaki -- Duty
Ayumi Hamasaki -- Loveppears (2 cds)
Pierrot -- finale
Namie Amuro -- 181920 ($7 cos the cover not in such excellent condition)
Utada Hikaru -- Deep River
Hitomi -- thermo plastic
Aikawa Nanase -- ID
TM revolution -- triple joker
TM revolution -- the force
glay -- heavy gauge
ryuichi kawamura -- acoustical melodies ($7)
hide -- singles collection ON HOLD ($7)
glode -- relation
misia -- kiss in the sky
noriko sakai -- asian collection '97
x japan -- perfect best
shena ringo -- complete singles II SOLD

++Game / Anime OST++ ($6)

Final Fantasy IX ost SOLD
Final Fantasy X ost (4 cds $10)
steam detectives vocal album -- white
x ost
Rurouni Kenshin the original vocal album songs 2 SOLD
Rurouni Kenshin ost
Saiyuki movie requiem ost
Saiyuki OST vol 1
Saiyuki OST vol 2
Saiyuki image album vol 1
Saiyuki image album vol 2
Saiyuki image album vol 3

++Chinese manga++ ($4 each)

by Clamp
wish vol 1 - 3 (NB vol 2 is by pulisher Chuang Yi, vol 1 & 3 by pulisher Tohan comics)

by Narumi Kakinouchi (same mangaka of vampire princess miyu)
The wanderer vol 1 to 3

Dahlia the vampire 1 vol completed

steam detectives by kai asamiya vol 1 & 2

by Tamayo Akiyama (ex clamp member, same mangaka as clusters)
Mouryoukiden vol 1 - 3 complete

Cyber planet 1999 hyper vol 1 - 4 complete

dear boys by Hiroki Yagami vol 1 - 10 (NB $2 each, pulisher is Chunag Yi)

Flame of recca vol 1 - 5

evangelion film book vol 1, 2, 9

evangelion vol 1 - 5 (all by Chuang Yi ecept vol 4 is by Tohan boy comic)

Araiso OVA film guide (in jap language)

++Bags / Make up kit++

Nice blue jeweled bag $9

Asian style red bag $4

Tare Panda bag $6 SOLD


Mini Special Edition watosa make up kit $5

++Posters++ ($3 each)

Unfortunately i only have saiyuki posters... but they r all brand new, never been onto a wall before... and its actually the waterproof plastic type of poster, sorry i tot it was laminated. [EDIT]

if the prices are not favourable u can make me an offer, i'm not sure if I am up for trades but u might want to give it a try.

if i dun reply comments fast u can always drop me an email at yuukiri_chang[at]yahoo[dot]com[dot]sg

thanks for looking =^^=

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