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Novala Takemoto Signature on Baby the Stars Shine Bright

I was at http://www.shojobeat.com/2ndanniversary/ last night with my room mate and was able to get a signature from Novala Takemoto (Creator of Kamikaze girls and a part of "Baby the stars shine bright"). Not only that but I got it on the post card from "Baby the stars shine bright" from the limited edition (aka only for this event) post card and pin set). As much as I want to keep it my rent is late and I decided that a picture with him is enough so...I'm auctioning it here because I love this comm =)  and I hate ebay.com lol


Because this is a spur of the moment thing The bidding will only be from right now until it is sold. 

I have the right to refuse any bids (because i'm not selling this for $2 -_-)

Bidding must be from people with some sort of feedback ONLY

If the bid is high enough I'll include the special edition pin too =)

My feedback is here:

Let the bidding begin!

Here's what it looks like:

Also my room mate isn't really into anime so she might be selling some of the stuff in her giftbag (not me I'm keeping mine >=) ) so if you are interested in anything from here http://www.shojobeat.com/2ndanniversary/prizes/index.php say what and make a bid =) thanks guys! Hopefully rent will now be paid =D

Also all Anime DVD's at my website are still $17 shipped. http://www.serenitydream.com Comment here with which one (s) you want =)

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