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BIG SALE IS GOING ON RIGHT NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

ALL JOHNNY'S JR. MAGAZINE CLIPS. ALL GROUP included in the issue of

POTATO: 2007 Jan, Feb, March, and 2006 Aug, Nov, Dec
DUET: 2007 Jan, Feb, March and 2006 Feb
WINK UP: 2007 Jan, Feb, March
Myojo's:2007 Jan, Feb, Apr, May, and 2006 Oct

  • there might be a couple pages missing, but i tried the best!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • without the differient format whether is hard paper or softer, whether the are from the bigger magazine as Myojo, or they r from the others.all at the same price
  • all shipping are 1st class.

Free Image Hosting at

all of the four sets are 30 pages each. each set is asking at 10 USD. SHIPPING

Free Image Hosting at

all of the THREE sets are 30 pages each.  every set is asking at 10 USD. SHIPPING

Free Image Hosting at

they r less than 30 pages, but are about 20 pages

set A is 26pages,  8USD SHIPPING
set B is 23pages, 7USD SHIPPING
set C is 27pages. 8SUD SHIPPING

as u can see there r a lot of pictures, so if u want to see each individual sets, please comment on this.


if u bought other group's magazine clips before, you will get more discount than listed.  but for all the frist comers, pleasse look closely to the below.

if u want the 30pages sets,
             2 sets get 2USD off
             4 sets get 4USD off
             7 sets get 8USD off [mean if u buy all the 7 sets that i m offering]

if u want to buy the non-30pages, depending on the amount of u want, u will get respecfully discount.
but if u want to buy all three sets of the non-30pages, u will get 4USD off

if u want to buy all ten sets, there is a 13USD off.

for all of you who consume more than three sets, there is one jr. sticker page giving out for free. notic, i only have one page of the sticker, so it is on the first come, first serve base!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


U.S. Postal Money Order, well concealed U.S. dollars [on your own risk], and Paypal
holding for 14days after u comment, please leave ur e-mail address and zip code.
no shipping and handling fee has been include

qusetions about shipping, what more pictures, or any other question, please comment


  extra booklet attached to the original magazine.


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